A satisfactory ending to the case of the missing vehicle

TMD always goes the extra mile when helping a client achieve claims settlement and none more so than when things don’t go according to plan, as this case illustrates.

In November 2021, a client notified us about a head-on Road Traffic Collision, saying they wished to use the services of their Insurer’s approved repairer network. The Insurer assured us a nominated repairer would collect the recovered vehicle from the compound where it was being held.
Fast forward to early January 2022, and the client requested an update on the vehicle repair. The Insurer admitted that no instruction had ever been sent to the approved repairer network, but that a nominated repairer had now been informed.
The next day, the nominated repairer told the client that they didn’t have the vehicle. A further call to the Insurer revealed it was still at the compound, and the repairer was re-instructed.
Towards the end of January, the repairer told the client they still didn’t have the vehicle. TMD chased up the Insurer, who revealed the repairer had been trying to collect the vehicle from the client, despite being told it was at the compound.
At this point, the case was starting to have a ‘ground hog day’ feel to it. Due to the poor level of service, TMD complained, and the Insurer agreed to review the case, referring it to their Internal Complaints Department and escalating the vehicle repair.
After further enquiries, the Insurer found that the vehicle had been scrapped and sold at auction at the request of the police. They said it would take up to 40 days to look into the case. We advised them that this was not acceptable, as, due to their errors, the client had been left without a vehicle, calling for immediate resolution.
The Insurer agreed to deal with the claim on a Total Loss Basis and, at our insistence, made the best possible offer, including compensation for the time the client had been without a vehicle and seeking a replacement. Having looked at other similar valuations, we rejected the first offer, but are pleased to report that the client accepted their revised offer. In all, it took TMD just 7 days to resolve!
Thankfully, the client was satisfactorily recompensed, due in no small part to the tenacity, resolve and determination of our claims co-ordinator Charlotte Atkins and her Line Manager Penny Malloura. Obviously, we’d much prefer that a situation like this doesn’t happen in the first place, but in the rare event it does, we are most certainly on the case and demonstrates how we will always fight our client’s corner to achieve the best possible result.
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