TMD shows genuine care in resolving car damage claim

“TMD showed genuine care and concern” when dealing with a recent claim concerning a damaged car, according to the customer feedback form.

Although data privacy dictates the client remain anonymous, we were delighted to read their feedback comments, as it exemplifies all that we believe in and strive for as independent insurance brokers.

The claim was made by a client that insures their garage through TMD. A third party car was accidentally damaged whilst in their garage and to assist we agreed to deal directly with the third party. As the third party runs a wedding car hire company and the damaged vehicle was a wedding car, it was essential the claim was managed and dealt with efficiently and promptly.
Joanne Foster was the Account Manager who dealt with the claim and the feedback comments give her special mention. The client says: “Joanne was excellent and I felt she had genuine care and concern, dealing with the matter in hand quickly and efficiently. A very valuable member of staff, reassuring, helpful and responsive, a great representative of your business!”
The client also goes on to say, via the feedback form that they found TMD to be extremely responsive, solved the issue extremely well and the quality of the service was very high. They felt the information provided was extremely clear, rated their overall experience as very positive and are highly likely to recommend our services to a friend or colleague.
Joanne comments: “Given the nature of the third party’s business, it was essential the claim went through as quickly as possible. I was delighted to be able to help and ensure satisfactory settlement with a fast time frame. This is what TMD is all about. We put our clients first and work diligently behind the scenes to ensure a good outcome. Anybody placing their business within TMD can expect the same high level of customer service, care and concern. It’s what sets us apart from other brokers, I believe.”
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